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Technology setup

Please Note : A lot of distance learning requirements can be met with nothing more than a properly loaded smartphone. At the very least a camera scanner app can convert handwritten work to PDF, or your child can record a video or just their voice.
If your child is in need of some technology, I have many spare smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other computer devices for loan.


This list may change as I discover new or better tools

Still testing, but will make recommendations soon

Do NOT Fear the Technology, Embrace the Challenge

Here is a list of suggested APPS to help facilitate online learning.
App Type
Some Options
Video Converter

Often you have a video file that other programs will not be able to see, use or edit. Or, perhaps it is way too large in its native format and resolution. There are lots of free, opensource, software apps to easily convert your files from one format to another.

Windows, MacOS, Linux
The only one I have used.
Audio Editor

If you need to clip, trim, enhance, or otherwise edit your audio file, there are many multi-platform, free, and easy to use PC options, and also others for Mobile devices.

Windows, MacOS, Linux
Audacity (PC)
The only one I have used so far.
Video Editor

Maybe you want to clip, trim, voice over, and do other edits to your video podcast or screen recording. Maybe you want to demonstrate your learning with a tutorial or video clip. There are lots of good, free, opensource video editors out there that work on all platforms, and did I mention free?

Windows, MacOS, Linux
Shotcut, OpenShot, KdenLive, DaVinci Resolve
I am starting out with Shotcut, then my skills improve will use KdenLive for a bit, before diving in to one of the industry standards in DaVinci Resolve.
Computer Screen Recording

Windows and Mac PCs are often more powerful than mobile devices. They also increase your productivity with keyboard, mouse, camera, mic, and large / multiple displays.

There are chromebook/web based solutions, but also more powerful opensource products you can download and do way more with.

Web, MacOS, Windows, Linux
Web (Loom, Screencastify, Screen-cast-o-matic), Standalone (OBS)
OBS is free, opensource, and incredibly powerful.
Digital Notes

Think of information you would write on pieces of paper, and notes in class. An organized digital binder full of documents, audio, video, web links, images etc.

OneNote, Evernote, DropBox Paper, Google Keep
Standalone desktop OneNote is great, Evernote is best for web clipping, DropBox paper is new, Google Keep has less robust features.
Cloud Storage

It is imperative to securely backup your files to the cloud, but it also gives you easy ability to share, and 24/7 access from virtually any Internet connected devices. It also allows you to syncronize files stored on multiple local devices (phones, tablets, pcs), so no matter what one you are working on, all others get the updated version.

Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox
All Good, Limited free storage options (often enough for most users)
Mobile Screen Recorder

These apps allow you to record the screen on your mobile device and at the same time record your voice. Great for instructional tutorials, recording gameplay, or demonstrations.

Xrecorder/DU Recorder, Record It (iOs only), device built-in

PDF document editors often let you annotate (digital ink, highlight, arrows) write over top of the document (common PDF format). This is not an easy task from a programming perspective, but it is doable, and I have only dabbled with success. Great tool for writing on a PDF handout or worksheet.

Android, Apple, Chrome, Web Browsers
Camera Scanner

A camera scanner app uses your device to take a picture and then convert it into a clear format that is easier to read and share. Perfect for converting any written work, illustration, article. Many of the free options are plagued with Ads and even malware. The paid versions of the same apps are usually very good. Currently testing 4 apps to see what I like best and is the least intrusive.

Office Lens, ClearScanner, Genius Scan, SmartDoc
CamScanner is popular but plagued with ads :(
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