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*** Note:Diagram Incomplete ***

 Some of what's included.....


- 1 Gigabit Internet  (Bridge Mode - Modem only)

- Internet connects UTM (Unified Threat Management System) - Firewall, Web Filter, Policy enforcer etc.

- Connected to a16 port managed switch (7 VLAN Segments)

- Main components hardwired to the main switch: 

  • OpenMediaVault server with 3 x 8TB Hard Drives - (Plex, MotionEye, Home Assistant, NAS)

  • Ubuntu Server (4TB, 2TB, and 2 x 1TB in RAID-0)

  • POE Switch (Power Over Ethernet) - 3 outdoor cameras

  • Switch that connects 2 BW Laser, 1 Colour Laser, 1 HP OfficeJet AIO, 1 Epson Photo printer to network

  • NAS (Lenovo IX2 with 2 x 2TB)

  • VOIP Box1 - Obi110 that is set up with (nationwide calling, NO COST, plus all landline features)

  • VOIP Box2 - Obi200 that is setup with another account for unlimited calling in North America / dirt cheap international

  • 8 port Managed Switch to the upstairs wired to Netgear Orbi and Samsung Smartthings Hub

Now, connected to the Smartthings Hub / Home Automation Network

  • Google Smart Display, 3 x Google Home Mini, 1 x Google Home, 1 x Google Nexus Player

  • Nvidia Shield TV (integrated Google Assistant)

  • 3 x Amazon Echo Dot, 1 x Amazon Fire TV, 2 x Amazone FireTV Stick 4k

  • 1 x  Yale touch smart lock (installing second one soon)

  • 3 x Outdoor EZViz 1080p cameras, 4 x indoor Netatmo 1080p camers, 1 x Wyze PZT, 1 Blink XT2 

  • 2 x MyQ Smart Garage Door modules attached to garage door openers

  • 2 x Wemo Switches, 2 x Hue Hubs, 6 x colour Hue Bulbs, 1 x multicolour smart bulb, 2 x smart pot lights (multiple bulbs, motion sensors, magnetic sensors, plugs etc. yet to be installed)

  • 1 x Vizio 60" TV, 1 x Vizio 43" Smart TV, 1 x Yamaha AVR, 1 x Vizio Soundbar, 1 x Logitech Harmony Hub


Also on the network

  • PS4 Pro, Nintendo Switch, 2 Chromebooks (kids), 2 Laptops (parents), AMD Ryzen 7 2700x Desktop w Nvidia GTX 1070, Lenovo Legion Laptop (i7 9th gen and Nvidia RTX 2060, several other test laptops etc.

  • 4 x cell phone, 3 x tablets, 4 x smart watches

What's Next ??​

  • setup Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablets x 3 with Home Panel to interface with Home Assistant. Want to put 1 in each of the kids rooms to see outside and front door cameras, control lighting, show calendar and to do list etc.

  • Setup human motion controlled home assistant themes

  • Integrate Geofencing and IFTTT etc.

  • Get more into the VR from a user and developer standpoint

  • More professional Podcast / Video Podcast environment

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