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The link below is for the "Live Classroom", Mr.Playter will use it for helping students, discussions, demonstrations and live lessons.

MPM2D Live Classroom

Students are strongly encouraged to SHARE their questions, and in turn also help their classmates with responses. This way, EVERYONE works together and contributes collectively.

MPM2D Help & Review Forum

Top Row is the Most Current Work and accounts for June 15 - June 18

Lesson #
Dropbox Link for submission
Please Upload to DropBox
Do NOT E-mail it to me.
Apply your knowledge and demonstrate your learning.
2 days
Completing the Square
Complete the Square
Create a perfect square trinomia to help get from standard form to vertex form.
4 days
The Quadratic Formula
Solvign Quadratic Equations
Use the quadratic equation to solve quadratic relation problems.
3 days
Quadratics II : Assignment 1
Demonstrate understanding of factoring and a bit of application
2 days
Quadratics II - Factoring
Factoring Quadratic Functions
We will take the next 9 days learning the critical skill of factoring.
9 days
Quadratics "one" Final Week
Application of Quadratics
This is the final week for Quadratics I Unit. Two small assignments and Two Quizzes.
5 days
Maximum Revenue
An example to help with #13 on pg.192 and future revenue questions
Lesson 7
Application of Quadratics
Let's start to bring our learning to life and apply it to real world situations.
4 days
Checkpoint Quiz
An evaluation to see where you might need more practice.
1 day
Lesson 6
Factored Form
Introduction, Worksheet, and Practice with Factored Form of Quadratic Relations
4 days
Checkpoint Quiz
An evaluation to see where you might need more practice.
1 day
Lesson 5
Interactive Desmos Practice
Have some fun sliding marbles while applying vertex form knowledge!
1 day
Lesson 4
Practice & Application
Some traditional textbook practice work.
1 day
Lesson 3
More Vertex Form
Continue exploring vertex form and transformations.
2 days
Lesson 2
Vertex Form
Investigate Vertex Form of Quadratics and start to explore transformations
2 days
Lesson 1
Basic Properties of Quadratic Relations
Recognize Quadratic Relations from a graph, table of values or equation. Also know how to identify and label the key features of a parabola
2 days
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