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Spreadsheets -Excel

Timeline : April 15 - 29

[ Day 1 ]

  1. Watch this video about spreadsheets in the early days
    (Excel 25th Anniversary : Part One)

  2. Part Two : Excel 25th Anniversary

  3. Excel For Beginners (demo)

[ Day 2 -13 ]

Now that you have been introduced to Excel, let's dive into a starter guide/course on Udemy

Click Here for Udemy Microsoft Excel : Starter Guide

[ Day 14 ]

When you have completed the Starter Guide course on Udemy,

Click the "Dropbox" link below to UPLOAD your files

1. Small Budget Spreadsheet

2. Personal Budget Spreadsheet

3. Apartment Comparison Tool Spreadsheet


Click Here for upload link to sumbit work to the BTT Excel DROPBOX

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