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 Period A
Gr.11/12 Math for
Everyday Life
 Period B

Gr.11 Math 
College Prep.
 Period D
Gr.10 Math

Independent Learning / Problem Solving is an invaluable lifelong skill...

Here are a couple of VERY useful tools to help you when learning independently. You can have a conversation with Flexi which will provide guidance toward understanding. You can check your work, find similar questions, see full solutions, explanations, and video demonstrations. Attempting to help yourself first, has more long-term value than asking someone for the answer!


Microsoft Math works online using a web browser, with an APP, or using it on your desktop/laptop computer.

Provides step-by-step explanations, practice questions, and graphing. 

As simple as using your smartphone camera over the question to get started!

Flexi is a free digital tutor that guides you along your learning journey.  Best used for math and science, but the community is growing and other subject areas are being added. 

Give this a.i. tool a try, you might be surprised how helpful to learning Flexi can be.


LIVE 1:1 Math Tutoring (online)

Ontario Certified Teachers are available live, one on one, for grade 4-12 public education students.

Available Monday to Friday 9AM - 9PM

Also, Saturday/Sunday 3PM - 9PM

No Excuses - Mathify is available, FREE!

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